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drummergirlh's Journal


I don't really know what to write about myself without it sounding really gay...
I'm a drummer - as the name suggests - going to be studying it next year, and then hopefully off to acting school for my BA, that's if it all works out - which is unlikely.

I'm young, creative, and I think waaay too much! This can work for me, but sometimes it doesn't.
I think my love affair with the drums will last my whole life but recently I've found a calling in the theatre. Put plainly I want to act, I want to write and I want to share...share stories, thoughts, feelings and emotions with people who can go on a journey with me...and I want the opportunity to touch people in the way that I have been touched.

I also write my own music and dream one day of writing a musical (HELL YIZZLE!)

So yeah, that's me. That's the stuff that people who know me kinda see.